A Cooling Treatment For All Skin: The Cryofacial Caps by KrX

A Cooling Treatment For All Skin: The Cryofacial Caps by KrX

The Cryofacial Caps by KrX is a unique, water-activated mask. When mixed with cold water, this highly nutritive powder blend transforms into an icy mixture.

While this mask is cool (wink), it also has some skin loving ingredients, just 6 of them, to be exact.  

Here's what's contained in each little pill:

Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid is hyaluronic acid which has been broken down into molecules small enough to be absorbed by the skin.  This means, it's delivering deep hydration.

Albumin is a protein which helps facilitate healing and reduces inflammation

Silk Protein has a molecular structure similar to collagen fibers within the skin. It helps to increase elasticity, and improves cell function. 

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, also known as nature's botox, is a peptide that helps visibly reduce fine lines

Alpha Arbutin is a naturally occurring antioxidant and skin brightener

Collagen in skincare won't increase our production of collagen, but it is highly moisturizing, which is always welcomed.

We love this mask because it leaves skin hydrated, and less inflamed.  It can be used for all skin types, but here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate it:

  • Post chemical peel  (as long as the peel you're using isn't reactivated by water)
  • After a full face wax on clients who have sensitive skin
  • Incorporated into an acne facial to reduce inflammation
  • Post sunburn to help reduce inflammation and improve cell function

Quick tip:  This mask can be hard to remove if applied directly to skin, so we recommend applying a gauze mask underneath for easy cleanup! 

See the cryofacial caps in action here




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