Algae Peel Customization & Creating More of an Experience

Algae Peel Customization & Creating More of an Experience

One thing we loved about the Algae Peel from the minute we talked to the Zena team was how it can be customized. Of course, there's always a best and safe practice for our clients, but beyond that, there really are so many options for how to best treat a specific skin concern. Here's some we've learned from our own treatments, all the feedback from you, and the global partnerships Zena has created: 

1.) Increase the intensity by mixing with Zena Toner.

There are situations where mixing with only water is recommended (first treatment, armpits and bikini areas--until understanding how skin might react), but by incorporating toner, we can control the introduction of acids. You might only add half water and half toner, or all toner; this will allow you to control the introduction of the multiple acids in the toner. 

2.) Add a Zena serum/ampoule to further target the skin concern. 

The Zena ampoules are concentrated, have simple ingredients, and are proven to treat as indicated. For example, after the algae has been left on as a mask, rehydrate the algae by applying the ampoule on top and gently massaging, then remove. (Just ensure you're accounting for this in the amount of time you're leaving the mask on). The--new and improved--SM Refit Scars and Stretchmarks ampoule would be ideal for textured scarring; the Pro Whitening for pigmentation concerns; and the Botox Alternative for fine lines and plumping. We also like to apply additional ampoule at the conclusion of the treatment, once the algae is removed and before post treatment gel and SPF. 

3.) Use Multiple cold towels for removal.

Using a clean towel, submerged in clean cold water is usually one of clients' favorite parts. Apply to face and leave for 3 minutes. After the algae loosens, remove with towel (and additional cold sponges, if necessary). After removing, repeat with another clean, cold towel and leave for 10 minutes. Do not massage, just spray clean water on towel to keep the towel wet. Remove and apply gel and SPF. This reduced redness and skin temperature greatly. If you turn the algae peel into more of a treatment, this would be a time to perform scalp, shoulder, or hand/arm massage. 

4.) Apply post treatment gel with derma coolers, or another cryo tool. 

This is a much-desired cool down after the feeling of spicules. I've also soaked a gauze mask in a mixture of water and post treatment gel and applied after placing in the fridge for awhile (maybe a little extra). BUT, I'm always looking for ways to make the not just the results enjoyable, but also the experience--especially for the cost of the service. 

We always love to hear from you! Let us know what you do!

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