O'My, O'Melon's Sheet Masks!

O'My, O'Melon's Sheet Masks!

We love sheet masks, both in the treatment room and for homecare. And no, not just because they're Korean, but because of how versatile and simple they are. They were originally designed as a sheet infused with serums so they didn't dry out like traditional cream/clay masks; which is one of the reasons we love them most. 

We carry an array of types, from a variety of brands, but here's a little about the our very first line of Korean sheet masks by O'Melon.

XO Pre-Extraction Mask

 Let's start with the XO Mask 

This is a pre-extraction mask that helps soften the skin, prepping for extractions, while also giving a light chemical exfoliation.  The combo of  AHA, BHA and PHA  makes it ideal for those with congestion, and even makes a world of difference on dehydrated skin. 

How to Use: Apply after cleansing to prep for extractions. Helps loosen dirt and blackheads, making extractions a breeze. Also great before a hydrodermabrasion treatment. 

HC Calming Mask

The structure of the HC Calming Mask is a different structure than the ones above. This is 3D hydro gel mask that comes in two pieces, one for the forehead and nose/cheeks, and one around the mouth and chin. 

It is incredibly calming and hydrating, great for using on barrier impaired skin or post peel.  

This is an excellent mask to use with cryo, we love using them with Derma Coolers. 

Returning Core

The Returning Core is O'Melon's newest mask that uses graphene, an eco-friendly ingredient that facilitates the flow of biocurrent and helps the skin absorb the active ingredients.

It is called the circuit board facial.
A little bit about the skin's bioelectrical activity....

There are electrical currents that occur within our bodies. These currents are used by cells to regulate a variety of functions, including our skin tissue.

Bioelectricity directly influences wound healing, stimulating cell proliferation and enhancing cell to cell communication. 

Our skin's bioelectrical conductivity can fluctuate depending on a number of factors, including hydration, stress and disease. 

The Returning Core mask helps facilitate the healing process and detoxification of the skin. 

We recommend using this mask with LED, per the recommendation of O'Melon.

We love hearing about your creative use of sheet masks in the treatment room, so don't forget to tag us! <3
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