Discontinuing KRX Aesthetics

Discontinuing KRX Aesthetics

With great excitement for things to come, yet some sadness, we’re announcing we will no longer be carrying KRX Aesthetics products. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and feel it is necessary to offer an explanation for why. 

When KRX contacted us over a year ago introducing themselves, we were thrilled at the prospect of our first full line of products. As we sampled them, we were even more excited about the uniqueness, results, ingredients, and distributor support. We still like and will use some of their protocols in our own treatment room. However, they’ve decided to take a different approach to the way they’re distributing in certain countries, the US being one. The option was presented to continue a contract through their new distribution warehouse when it's up and running, but given the way Kin Pro/Double Cleanse Aesthetics was treated during the last 6 months, we've decided to forego any future relationship. 

There has been dishonesty on the part of fellow distributors and a blind eye has been turned by the supplier. We cannot contribute to any fellow distributor who has name-called and undercut the way we’ve seen. The last 6 months have been a fight to maintain what was contractually owed to the company. We seek integrity and loyalty from our suppliers and customers, and therefore, must stand up for that, despite the risk to the business.

We genuinely value our relationship with you and your trust in our brand. Please be assured that our decision to discontinue these products was made in an effort to better serve our customers and maintain the overall integrity of our business. We invest a lot of time, effort and money in marketing material, trying products, creating samples, and providing countless hours of support. We seek loyalty from our manufacturers and provide it in return. 

We will continue to sell through our remaining stock, but when it is gone, it’s gone. Though, we’re still just a message away to answer any questions or concerns. You will not be left high and dry.

We’re thrilled to announce some new product launches  and continue our relationships with our trusted manufacturers. 

Quality homecare prodicts, an abundance of stem cells, a new Carboxy…stay tuned. 

Now more than ever, thank you for the continued support.

Double Cleanse Aesthetics

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