Double Cleanse

Rinse & Repeat: The History of the Double Cleanse

It seems simple, and it really is: The Double Cleanse. 

Yet another practice we can attribute to the esteemed geishas of Japan and Korea. Oshiroi, or the white powder makeup worn by geishas, was made by mixing wax or oils with rice powder. As one might imagine, this was quite difficult to remove (and to think I dislike when any client shows up with makeup on at all). 

The idea of an oil emollient removing the thick makeup followed by a water foam to eliminate impurities was soon the norm. Thus, The Double Cleanse.  While we in America might say, that’s a lot of work, to Eastern cultures an adequate skincare routine is so respected, that it’s seen as a necessary first step. How can one attain proper skin balance if remaining dirt/oil prevents the subsequent products from penetrating? 

I'll be honest, I'm lucky to do a single cleanse before collapsing into bed some nights, but I recognize it as a first step in a healthy skincare routine.  

Our favorite double cleanse:

First: KRX Pre Cleanse Balm

Second: It’s a tie: KRX Gentle Milk Enzyme or KRX Glow Foaming Cleanser


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