About us

My favorite part of my job is helping people. It sounds like a line, but I promise it isn’t. Helping you feel confident in the experiences you’re offering; helping you exercise your creativity by customizing treatments; helping my clients feel good and cared for. I also believe in the Esthi community and think we can all learn a lot from each other, and there’s not just one way of doing things. 

We choose products that have your back when it comes to results and protecting the profession. There’s A LOT of product testing, many questions for manufacturers, rabbit-hole searches on ingredients, and brainstorming how it all can fit into our haven, the treatment room.  

The Reset Room is our little spa, where we truly practice what we preach here; striving everyday to make experiences, not transactions. 

On a more boring note, I’ve been in this industry for 12 years, in a plethora of roles, in two different states. I spent ’18-’20 in Japan. Was a teacher before all of that; have a husband and two wild kids. Grateful for the trust and support. 



  • Cora Kauffman

    Ensures all your packages go out in a timely manner. Can we also talk about her artistic touch when it comes to packaging? She makes sure all emails go to the right place, and her organization skills get an A+. Most importantly, she's also a talented esthetician.

  • Kae Calderon

    Social media, design queen. She makes sure marketing stays on brand, and edits our dumb conversations out of our raw videos. Kae helps strategize our SM game, and brings our crazy ideas to life.