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O'melon Omega LED, 2nd Generation

O'melon Omega LED, 2nd Generation

The new Omega Light is an upgraded LED experience. Having the ability to operate 4 colors of LED and IR wavelength in one device, make it a diverse addition to the treatment room.

It's compact, folds, and can sit on its stand on a cart or tabletop. 

The wavelengths range from 423nm to 640nm and IR of 830nm, helping to treat more complex concerns. The stronger high-intensity near infrared LED elements increase the effects safely, without the danger of general laser therapy (heat damage and photoaging).

Among Its Benefits

  • The near Infrared wavelengths can penetrate deep into the skin, increasing cell reproduction, and metabolism activation through stimulation of blood vessels in subcutaneous tissue.
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Button controls are confirmed with voice information
  • Stable LED and IR wavelengths based on 1,145 SMD LED elements
  • Operates IR with any of the 4 LED colors
  • Can switch between blue and red LED simultaneously

Recommended Treatments

1. Use with Omega Returning Core Mask to increase elasticity and increase collagen generation. The special graphene sheet mask fabric works synergistically with the LED to penetrate deep into the skin.

2. Use with Omega Green Acne/Rosacea Treatment to further increase the allantoin and copper complex benefits. 

3. Use with the new ALA PDT mask  that reduces sebaceous gland activity and kills off acne causing bacteria.

Made in Korea. Includes English operating manual.




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