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KrX Custo:Med Base Gel (Step 2)

KrX Custo:Med Base Gel (Step 2)

The Base Gel is what we call the solvent "holder" of all the active ingredients in a formulation.

It is the one that delivers the formulation into the skin. A lot of formula uses water to hold the skin care formulation, as water can also act as a solvent where it holds all the active and useful ingredients as a medium to deliver it to the skin.

Professional products are more potent, more powerful than common skin care ingredients, therefore the solvent used for Custo:Med facials are beneficial extracts.

Comes in 3 varieties:

(Hyaluronic, Tea Tree Extract, Probiotic) 

Hyaluronic Acid - provides skin the necessary hydration and moisture to also help with skin stretching and flexing, with this, it helps the skin fight wrinkles and finalises. 

Tea Tree Extract - known for its antibacterial, anti septic and anti inflammatory benefits. It helps fight acne, prevent breakouts and also helps by purifying the pores.

Probiotic - It's goal is to bring back balance on skin and the good microbes. With this, it helps skin fight and prevent recurring eczema, dry skin and even rashes and flareups. It helps sensitive skin by improving skin health and barrier to fight and protect the skin from natural aggressors. 

Roughly 13-20 treatments

About Custo:med:

A full facial system where the actives are fully customized by the esthetician and/or by the client according to requirement, skin concern, skin type and many more

Custo:Med is made up of 4 simple but effective and potent formulations.

Step 1: Oxy Boost Tablet Step 2: Base Gel
Step 3: Powder Actives Step 4: Concentrate

Product Ingredients & General Protocol 


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