Let's Discuss Some (Unpopular) Spa Policies (Part 1)

What evokes a rabid response and is likely to to induce name calling? Discussing politics? Yes. But also, views on spa policies. Let's chat about a few...

Part 1: A No-Tip Policy

Eeek. I can feel others' discomfort just writing this sentence. This can be a contentious issues for us esthis, as some of us need the extra income client tips provide. I'm not talking about other service industry situations, but one where a portion of the base amount goes to the provider, as in a spa service. Some like to be able to tip, as they see it as a way to express their appreciation. If the service was good, let us know with a little extra. Or, if prices are on the lower side, clients may want to give us the extra they know they'd pay somewhere else?

I think the whole gratuity culture (is that even a thing?) has gotten out of control. This, among many reasons, is the reason we don't accept tips in our spa. If we're pricing well--based on our geography and competition, and minimizing our overhead/product cost, there's no reason to need the extra cash. I mean, sure, who couldn't use extra money? But as soon as you remove that idea from the equation, it's like it never existed. I find myself working harder to provide quality services and connecting with clients when I don't have the idea of extra money hanging over my head. And yes, that's how I see it. Quality is quality and can be rewarded is so many other ways than with money. Honestly, it just makes me feel cleaner. Having lived in countries where its customary not to tip, I found it refreshing. Sure, I paid more for my massage, but knowing I didn't need to pay on top of it was just easier. I showed my appreciation by prebooking and referring people. Nothing guarantees more income like a future visit and new clients.

I know it may not be a popular stance, but it works for us. No decline in revenue and clients appreciate the ease and straightforward approach. 



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