The Many Faces of the Spotless Plasma Pen

The Many Faces of the Spotless Plasma Pen

We use the Neogenesis' Spotless Plasma device a lot in our treatment room. It's the star of our lifting facial and the quick solution for milia and skin tags. It really is the device to serve many purposes, saving money and space. Win and Win. 

The 'Regular' Tip

Can be used for the removal of milia, skin tags, cherry angioma, etc. Depending on the area, it may take a couple times to remove. Here we're using the regular tip to remove milia. All tips can be sanitized and reused. 


The 'Fine' Tip

Used for fibroblast treatments to tighten and treat areas around the eyes, forehead and mouth. This tip may also be used for smaller areas where the regular tip may be a bit large. 

The Thermal Tip 

Delivering wide thermal energy, this tip transfers heat deep into the skin, promoting collagen production and increasing product absorption. Some say it's painless, while some feel a slight poking sensation. 

 The Fractional Tip

The fractional tip delivers---like the name suggests--fractional plasma energy. It creates small arcs that stimulate the skin surface. In turn, creating channels for better product penetration, helps cleanse pores, and can kill bacteria. Most clients report a 'prickly' sensation during treatment. Here we're using it before applying a peptide rich ampoule to address fine lines. 


 These are just a couple of the ways this multi-tasker can be used, and why we use it in many of our treatments. 

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